Everyday Science

My inspiration for this blog again comes from Prof. Richard Feynman where he joyfully describes the beauty of a flower and its complex inner structure, in a BBC interview for Horizon, The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out.

Zen pencils made a really cool poster of this interview which can be seen here.

Science is not just for the scientists and indeed science can be intimidating at times. The inner workings of nature cannot be appreciated if it is not explained in simple terms. In this effort, I am going to collate and document some interesting science in our every day lives. I am going to use the information available, referring to videos and articles available online. I am no expert, but I am going to use this activity as an endeavour to learn and point to resources that can help us demystify and appreciate science around us.

  1. I will be referencing documents that are freely available online that anyone without institutional access/subscription can download and read. The credit goes to the brilliant scientists/authors/science educators of the journal/article/publication/media. I do NOT claim any credit for their work. References will follow the article and links will be given in colour.
  2. Mathematical equations to describe a phenomena will be inevitable. Infact, it is the language of science. However, I will not be explaining the complexities of the equation, and I will leave it to the reader to explore more and research about the topic if it seems interesting to the reader. My apologies in advance if some technical jargons sneak in, but I will make an attempt to keep it easy for the reader.
  3. There could be conflicting works in the same domain, but I will make an effort to point to the seminal work in the area, some historical significance and other relevant information from whatever I can gather.


26/05/2021 - The Science of Pressure Cooker